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Bookkeeper School: Pre-QB, How to Save Tax Dollars


May 25, 2021

Book Details

It was the middle of an economic crisis, I had no experience in accounting, but I could analyze it. I dummied down my resume to get an unpaid internship … within 6 months I was a manager. With my driving ambition and now 5 top honors college degrees on my resume, I climbed the company ladder to financial controller within a few years. Oh, I got a human resources certificate along the way, figured I should know what I am doing. I mean Cali is the strictest of all 50 states and federal law, and they seem to change wage laws every 6 months lately.Coming from a woman that didn't set her life goals out to learn accounting either, but it is necessary, we will get through this together.

Author Description

I am a Michelangelo of numbers. This is my passion. Think of me as an angel that fell from the stock market into her calling.No one ever said life was going to be easy, and wow it's not easy! I graduated at the top of my class in economics and worked in the stock market until that moment when over half a million stock market workers lost their jobs in 2 months immediately after the 2008 crash.Accountants are the last to go … instantly back to school I went!I was trained to analyze what accountants produced so that was a logical choice. 4.0gpa on all 3 degrees within 1 ½ years: bookkeeping certificate, a certified tax preparer (I did a tax season – No, thank you), and an associate degree in accounting. Yeah, from bachelors I went backwards, no one has ever accused me of being normal!

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