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Rainforest Books
August 18, 2016

Book Details

Richard Marks is at the top of the world. He has just been named "Stockbroker of the Year," and things are heating up with his sexy, smart coworker, Rachel. Because of Richard's uncanny ability to tap into digital information streams, William Wilson Friedman III has been able to rebuild Equity Associates into a financial powerhouse on the Street, rising from the ashes of the Twin Towers, lost along with his father and grandfather on 9/11.

Plagued by Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus from childhood, Richard feels that by risking a radical new treatment, he has finally beaten the disease that killed his mother and father. But Soviet born Doctor Sergei Gromyko's treatment, neural ring nano machines, have powerful and treacherous effects that he has been unable to control. His controversial mistakes have cost lives and the most recent victims are poverty stricken and orphaned children. But now, the biologic chimeras he has developed are gradually robbing Richard of his cognitive abilities, he is increasingly prone to explosive rage, night terrors, and problems with concentration and focus.
The stakes are high. Doctor Gromyko has joined with legendary John Forsythe of Forsythe Industries, to make an IPO of his Transplant Technologies Inc. that will make them billionaires.

Rachel is helpless in the face of Richard's downward spiral. He is unreachable. It's as if he has entered another reality. She wants answers. She begins her quest at the IPO kickoff party among the glitz and glamour of Forsythe's mansion and has a serendipitous meeting at the party with detective Harry Londino, who has tied Forsythe Industries to the disappearance of five children. When Richard disappears, the two team up to track him to Gromyko's facility in the Northwest Territories where the mystery begins to unravel.
What is a day when your mind is consumed by an avalanche of information? What is an hour when you are afraid for someone you love? What if a minute could save the next child?

Author Description

Richard M. Hahn MD has been practicing medicine for thirty one years specializing in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. Doctor Hahn is the medical director of the Southmont rehabilitation and nursing facility and South minster Place assisted living in Washington PA. He cares for more than a dozen centenarians and looks forward adding more to that list every year.

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