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Block 33: Book Two: The Jake Hunt Series


August 20, 2022

Book Details

Jake Hunt kills a homicidal drug dealer. Though it was in self-defence, the maddened leader of an international cartel has sworn revenge, and Jake and girlfriend Nicole must fight for their lives.

With a fortune at stake and their lives in the balance, the action races from Peru to New Guinea, Australia and on to the UK. The young couple's love is tested to breaking point, and Jake needs an edge to survive. In this battle there can only be winners and losers.
—There will be no draw—
"Few are as well-qualified to write an action-adventure novel as Jed Hart. He served in theMalayan conflict as a naval officer and in the Vietnam War as a pilot before founding HartAviation. Not only has he lived an extraordinary life, but Hart is also a gifted storyteller." —Surf Coast Times

Author Description

Jed Hart served in minesweepers and destroyers during the Malayan conflict, and as a pilot flying combat assaults in Vietnam. He flew helicopters in many countries, including Brunei, and worked internationally as an aviation manager.
Jed was head of security for Shell in Peru during the era of the Sendero Luminoso and Tupac Amaru terrorists, and worked in London as a Shell Aviation Adviser.

Jed and his wife Sue founded Hart Aviation, a company that operated in sixty countries.

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