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Black Sunrise

by Christina Engela


Category : Fiction

ISBN No :9781365140020

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Cindy-Mei, who until recently had been Agent Winter, C.I.A. - that's Colonial Intelligence Agency - and one of their best agents... that is, until they threw her out for coming to work in a dress. After that disappointing and sudden end to what had been a promising career, Mei rewarded herself with a long relaxing vacation in the outback to celebrate her gender reassignment and her new start in life. The first stop on her journey turned out to be a little backwater planet called Deanna... but as alien bombs fell on Atro City, Cindy-Mei Winter found herself in exactly the right place at the right time! What should she do? She'd hoped to put her violent and somehow depressing past behind her, but now it seemed her new beginning (and her holiday) were going to have to wait! The Gimp were back, and this was no time to be a sissy! "The 'Quantum series' - a group of fantastic books that are not only space science fiction but carry a positive message while also being fun to read. If you like Pratchett, you'll love these!" - Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer.

Author Information

Christina Engela

"Black Sunrise" is the first title in the Quantum Series by Christina Engela

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