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Black Camelot's Dawn


Fero Scitus
December 2, 2021

Book Details

THE BLACK BILLIONAIRE AND HIS FRIENDS ARE MARKED FOR ASSASSINATION --- AND THE NOTORIOUS TRIGGER WOMAN MADAME HOT TEMPER IS BACK. THESE ARE DEADLY TIMES IN GOTHAM. NO ONE IS SAFE, ESPECIALLY NOW THAT WHITE SUPREMACISTS HAVE BEEN DISPATCHED TO THE BIG CITY WITH A MISSION. THEY'VE COME TO TERRORIZE GOTHAM AND END THE ERA OF BLACK CAMELOT. Black Camelot's Dawn is the sequel to The Publisher's Dilemma and the second novel in the Black Camelot series. Donald Alexander, Kwame Mills, and Samantha Rivers after the solving of The Harris Simmons Murders have become darlings of the city. They also have become extremely wealthy after Alexander's successful sale of the company for $75 billion. The dramatic stories of Alexander, Mills and Samantha Rivers, the illegitimate mixed-race daughter of deceased company CEO Cornwall Harris, have captivated the city and led the city's leading gossip press team, the Celebrity Hack Patrol, to name this period of adulation and fascination, the city's Black Camelot. A new enemy emerges as century-old white supremacist groups decide that there is no place in the city or American society for black royals, and they become targets of groups intent on their assassination. Unbeknownst to the hate groups, the Black Camelot crew of Alexander, Mills and Rivers are admitted as members of the country's most secret and exclusive society, an organization that gives them protection against deadly and dark forces. The Society also gives them power held only by top world leaders. Black Camelot's Dawn also marks the return of Dawn Davis Stuart, who left the city in disgrace after she murdered her husband, the real estate tycoon and randy man about town, Yancey Stuart Jr. The shooting death at her hands earned her the notorious nickname of Madame Hot Temper. The backstory that drove her to rage and murder was not as simple as the scandal was reported.

Author Description

Darius Myers is a New York City-based fiction writer. Earlier in life, he was a marketing and media industry executive who held roles at leading media companies that included Time Warner (Fortune and Sports Illustrated), Gannett (USA Today), and the CBS Magazine Group (now Hachette Magazines). Mr. Myers earned an undergraduate degree in communications with a focus on journalism from the CW Post College of Long Island University. He also received an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, where he attended as a Time Warner Scholar.

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