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Before We become Too Old to Dream


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July 12, 2018

Book Details

The book, "Before We Become Too to DREAM" is a collection of 200 pages of Vincent Randazzo's eighty- five-year journey from street kid to successful husband, father, businessman, philosopher and his favorite role, grandfather. This book relates to those who seek understanding of the simplest kind in matters of relationships, with family, friends, associates and God. Sharing that wisdom will decide your outcome. Read the remarkable secrets of wisdom from this lifetime collection, good for all ages. "Success Is Your Ability To Dream To Achieve Your Goals In Life, I Did It, … So, Can YOU"!

Author Description

Vincent Joseph Randazzo was born in St. Louis Missouri in 1931. His parents and grandparents were born in Palermo Sicily in the late 1800s. Growing up with the nickname Jimmy, he was the fourth (4th) child in the family of seven (7) children. His father, Salvatore Randazzo came to the United States of America, New York, Ellis Island in 1904 at the age of nine (9) alone, all by himself. Vincent grew up loving sports and excelled at the national favorite pastime, baseball, where he once hit a home run grand slam witness by his father in a league championship to win the game. However, as they say, being from the neighborhood and one of the original definitions of "Street Smarts", … he was a very savvy tough guy and a survivor sporting a Humphrey Bogart look.
Joseph J. Randazzo has been a Holy Bible student for over fifty years, starting when his grandfather, Jasper Lonigro, would read Bible stories to him as a little boy. Still very passionate and inspired to seek out and discover the unlimited, profound information layered within the greatest stories every told, found in the collection of sixty-six books that make up the Holy Bible directed by God and then delivered through the Holy Spirt to about forty selected chosen men of God, which transcended over forty generations, and bridging a fifteen hundred year plus period for the benefit of the terrestrial occupants of this planet to share with you.

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