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Asset Monetization Mechanism for Indian Gram Panchayat Raj


Prowess Publishing
October 26, 2021

Book Details

India has entered the Amrit Mohotsav year! The Indians have faced lots of ups and downs since the past 70 years. The standard of living has risen along with a lot of economic burden and liability.
Various systems of operations were based on or imposed by the British. The invention of computer in 1990 brought about a change. In 1991, after devaluation of Rupees, economy survived but at a high cost. Though today we have a huge FDI reserve, we are not in a position to use it comfortably due to old policies and upgrade process. Technology processes of various changes, reforms in sectors are in a speedy process, this think tank model being one of them.
Considering the present reformative and revolutionary changes, I have worked out a concept and idea based on Land Economics through demat form, which has a digital technology support and is an effective new age requirement.
This think tank model will create awareness amongst the readers on how gram panchayat raj can strengthen the economy and become self sufficient. It gives knowledge about the hidden land economy.
The land economic strategy will speed up gram panchayat raj development on a mass scale with ease of doing business by creating a monetary endorsement with new investment platform for economy through the national social stock exchange.
The information herewith will give various sector professionals considerable understanding on how the gram panchayat raj can prosper thus participating in making our nation 'The Golden Sparrow' once again!
I am putting forth this idea to create awareness amongst all. I hope this think tank model will encourage the reader to think about the said idea, understand it, and above all, connect with it. I welcome valuable suggestions, queries and feedback.

Author Description

Mr. Milind M. Deshpande, has studied B. Com., DBM (Mumbai University). He has worked as an investment advisor in the capital market from 1991 to 1997. He has been in the field of land acquisition and consultation for litigation properties and Industrial Tendering since 1997. He is the promoter of TDR Cluster and Estate India Ltd. and TDR LAND India Pvt. Ltd. He has invented the concept of a unique system and process for FSI, FAR, TDR creation and their utilisation under land economics. The State Government of Maharashtra has also formed a committee viz. Floating TDR Study Group of which Mr. Milind M. Deshpande is an invitee member. His work has been appreciated by NITI Aayog, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing Urban Affairs and UN Habitat - WUF10. His suggestion has been inducted in NUPF18 and two consecutive finance budgets during 2020–21 and 2021–22.

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