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An insight into your Thoughts Recognize-Realize-Respond


April 11, 2022

Book Details

An insight into your Thoughts : Recognize-Realize-Respond" is always “Beginning with your quality, ending up with your identity". In between, all the outcomes from realities of life on various occasions – to live life, peaceful life, rich life –towards success, growth and achievements. Being successful is not just counting wealth. Beyond all, this book guides you towards earning the identity, dignity, reputation, status and worth. Inspired by own thoughts, 111 motivational and inspirational quotes are derived from the logics behind the challenges of facing life, which can be applicable by you at any circumstances to overcome/minimize the maximum risks and uncertainties of undue realities in your life towards success and be happy.

Author Description

Mr. Kunju C. Nair is the author of “An insight intoyour Finance : Know Your Money – Grow Your Money" in 2 Volumes, is an inspirational personality with international identity and priceless contributions in social and professional activities, actively involving in various seminars, cultural activities and Online Interactions with educational, career and professional guidances for Students, Teachers, Parents and Professionals. He is also active in providing various guidances for Business People and young entrepreneurs on different platforms. He is a lovable and motivational person for all classes of people irrespective of their age or profession. He likes science and always inspire all the students of various classes. He is the recipient of various awards and accolades from various socio-cultural organizations.

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