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An Executive Guide for Deploying Innovation


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June 5, 2012

Book Details

In the past, innovation has been considered an art - dependent upon the people who make it happen and a relatively rare, unpredictable occurrence. As a result, too much time is taken in the development of new products and services. In the 21st century, we must change this process so that we become continual thinkers, capable of innovating on demand for mass customization. This requires that we understand innovation better and standardize the process for predictable results.

History shows that innovation is evolutionary and is a response to an unsolved problem or unexploited opportunity, which makes Praveen Gupta's Business Innovation in the 21st Century a valuable addition to the literature. His 25 years of business problem solving have given him the tools to develop a plausible framework that directs us to look at innovation in a different context.

Several books have been written addressing various aspects of innovation, but common understanding has been limited to the level of "brainstorming" and creative tools. This book presents a comprehensive approach to the innovation process. This is one of the first books for executives that address various aspects of innovation from concepts to commercialization.

The purpose of this book is to provide comprehensive coverage of innovation-related processes and a new framework that are suitable for the Internet generation and the knowledge age. The goal of developing such a framework is to facilitate standardization of the innovation process so that results can be more predictable and so that innovation can be produced on demand.

The book is specifically designed for executive to learn concepts of innovation in order to lead the innovation deployment successfully.

Author Description

Praveen Gupta, MSEE, is a corporate executive and thought leader in excellence and innovation management for achieving profitable growth through Six Sigma, process excellence, business innovation, and performance measurements. He has led the development of innovation science since 2003.

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