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An Empath in a Polyamorous Relationship

by Johannie Paradon


Category : History & Biographies

ISBN No :9781545744086

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This powerful true story of a girl, unaware that she is an Empath, who falls in love with a narcissistic couple. She met Bethany, who has a fiancé, name David. She started dating them and, in the beginning, the relationship was great. Then she started getting frustrated with the one-sided nature relationship. Rebecca decided to break it off with them and, after this, she found out she was an Empath.

Author Information

Johannie Paradon

Johannie Paradon works as a nurse, and is based in New York city. Born in Haiti, she has a passion for writing, which goes as far back as her days as a little girl, writing short stories. She has written several scripts and books in the past, although unpublished. It was the power to create something new and fantastic that made her stick to writing for as long as she has. As an aspiring author, Johannie hopes to tell a story that will help the people who read them, and transport them to another world. The stories she tells will be an escape from reality, one she knows will be inspiring to other authors, even in the same way other authors have inspired her. With so much stories to tell, Johannie Paradon hopes that her first published work will pave the way for many more to come, touching more lives in the process.

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