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All or Nothing, The Victor Page Story - Revised Edition


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June 5, 2012

Book Details

When he left Georgetown University, Victor Page was headed to the NBA with a "can't miss" label on his jersey; But Victor Page's pro career was soon blown apart. The violent streets that killed his mother and father were also calling Victor and eventually they got him. Until "All or Nothing, The Victor Page Story, no one has been able to uncover the secrets of what really happened to this incredible basketball prospect. Bruce Johnson is the first reporter to get Page to give up the good and the incredible bad events! When they recruited Page to the prestigious university and legendary basketball program, neither John Thompson nor the Georgetown University administration saw this tragedy coming. Or did they?
Some argue that the kids from DC's streets had no place at Georgetown University in the first place. That Victor Page was lethal from the start! Others argue that Page was the kind of project that the Jesuit school was meant to take on!

Author Description

Bruce Johnson has been a reporter and anchor at the CBS affiliated station, WUSA-TV9 in Washington, D.C. for more than thirty-five years. He has won nineteen Emmy Awards, and been inducted into the Society of Professional Journalists Hall of Fame. He has been honored with hundreds of proclamations and resolutions, recognizing his career and volunteer service to the nation's capital. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Johnson_(journalist).

He's earned a reputation as one of the country's best political and investigative reporters. He has reported on everything: from presidential elections and inaugurations; the 911 terrorist attacks; Marion Barry's remarkable career; Washington's drug wars and the shotgun stalker. His exclusive and fearless reports about the District's politics, social and economic issues are legendary. Rumor has it that he knows everyone in the nation's capital.
Bruce has also traveled extensively on assignment; producing award-winning reports and documentaries from Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Budapest, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dakar, and Port au Prince, Haiti.

In 1992, while on assignment, Bruce suffered a sudden massive heart attack. After extensive rehabilitation, he trained and completed the twenty-six mile Marine Corps marathon in Washington. His recovery and those of others are captured in his moving first book "Heart to Heart". http://brucejohnsonhearttoheart.com. That book has become so successful that People's Medical Publishing, one of China's largest companies, bought the rights and made Heart to Heart available in that country.

In March of 2012 Bruce released his first eBook, "All or Nothing, The Victor Page Story," which is available everywhere online.Bruce can be followed on Twitter https://twitter.com/brucejohnson9 or by clicking on his Facebook page.

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