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All of me


June 1, 2022

Book Details

This book is a poetry book, which has 4 sections - LIFE, LOVE, HATRED AND DEATH. The first section of the book talks about how life is so unpredictable and situations which are under control are to be managed and accepted accordingly. It also has poems of feminism. The overall quality of the section throws light on life experiences of a growing person. The second section of the book contains poems of love where the love is all a person has and to offer. The feeling and emotions are varied according to romance but love is mutual. The third section discourses about heartbreak and the choice of revenge or not! The hate one feels when he/she is betrayed by the feelings or by the person who shared love with you, is all that is described in the form of poetries. The last and the fourth section of the book, comments on the different perspective of the poet towards death. It has poems of death where the poet thinks of him as a person and talks about how he is the one who is her own and none other than him gives her pleasures of life. The book contains universal sections and clean poetry, so that it can impact every age group and people to match the emotions of their heart if they feel the same. This poetry book is an imaginary book which has all the poems based on imagination and has no connection with reality.

Author Description

Nandini Joshi is an author and a poet, born in Kolkata, India and raised in small town of Rajasthan. Her first book was on philosophical aspects of life and on 11 important life lessons one should adapt. The book is named as "My 11 life percepts" which is available on amazon, flipkart and kindle. Pulled up inspiration from some of the most intense and romantic poets of the bygone era - Emily Dickinson, John Donne, John Keats, Amrita Pritam, Gulzar and many more, She got herself engaged in poetry and gave birth to her second book – all of me.

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