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Alien Abductions Teenage Girls: From Out of This World

by Angelina Randazzo; Joseph J. Randazzo


Category : Home

ISBN No :9781545729168

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We start this story by traveling through an overwhelming deep-space galaxy clustered with countless stars, planets, and colorful space nebulas displaying the unlimited vastness of space and planets far, far away from Earth. Speeding closer to our solar system, we observe the gigantic size of the planet Jupiter. We now see a UFO as it flies through the vicinity of Jupiter. The spacecraft is a very detailed saucer shape, silver-blue in color. As the UFO observes the huge colorful mass of Jupiter, it speeds off instantly toward the rings of Saturn. Shooting through the gaseous rings of Saturn, the UFO leaves a white vapor trail as it streaks across the planet's atmosphere.

Author Information

Angelina Randazzo; Joseph J. Randazzo

Father and Daughter team up to write their first book together, Joseph J. Randazzo and twelve-year old, Angelina Randazzo. How does this happen, well, Angie comes home one day from school and tells her mother she has a new homework assignment in her writing class to write a screenplay. Her mother quickly volunteers her husband to help Angie with the school project. When Dad gets home, Joseph J. Randazzo, Angie greets him at the front door and says, hi Dad, guess what, I have to write a screenplay for my school assignment and I want you to help me, … Mr. Randazzo looks across the room towards his wife in the kitchen as she smiles wide and turns away to continue with her kitchen preparation. Angie says, ok Dad? Mr. Randazzo says a bit slowly, a screenplay, … joy. Enthusiastic Angie says again, well Dad, and Dad replies, well, … screenplay? Sounds like a lot of work. Angie all smiles says, come on Dad, it will be fun, we can do it. The reply, … well, lets talk about it later.

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