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A-Z Guide Basic Accounting Skills

by Annelize iLiffe


Category : Business & Economy

ISBN No :9780994696830

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This A-Z Accounting guide is specifically written for Grade 9 learners and beginners. It is a continuation of the Grade 8 e-book Learning your Accounting basics.The resource is written in simple English, is user-friendly and the concepts link together to enable the reader to move successfully onto the next section.The Grade 8 e-book is based on a story of a girl who started a Sweets Business and the underlying Accounting concepts and skills necessary to succeed in this.Grade 9 is a continuation of Grade 8, and is linking the concepts learnt from Grade 8 to Grade 9 in story format, through the transactions. The e-book can be used by all Educators who are teaching Accounting or EMS, and sections or topics can be covered to suit the specific lesson plans or needs in the classroom.This book follows the rule of one transaction per page, and all the information necessary to successfully complete the transaction on that page. This allows for practice by the learners on their own as well, following the guide. The e-book is supported by Interactive media - digital quizzes and worksheets, which can be obtained as separate resources.With special thanks to my family and people who made this possible for me.I like to use this Quote to show the learners out there with how much passion I wrote this learning guide: "I survived because the fire inside me burnt brighter than the fire around me."

Author Information

Annelize iLiffe

Annelize qualified in 1981 in Training and Human Resources and studied Accounting at UNISA for non-degree purposes prior to starting this business. She taught many students from all backgrounds, cultures, Universities, Schools and other Institutions. She is a strong believer in diversification and teaches basically any syllabus, thus having extensive experience in teaching Accounting. She makes use of computer technology to help cope with the workload. And this is what she says: "Learning from others every day is a unique experience, fulfilling in every sense. Therefore I have a special passion for those that I walk with - my students and pupils......" In 2010 she decided that it was time to package her knowledge and instead of writing yet another Accounting book that her students encouraged her to do, she thought of something out of the box and not yet experienced by the South African market. She resourced overseas programmes and came up with the interactive concept where the learner can experience a step by step approach on how to master tasks, and repeating the tasks over and over again until the skill is mastered. Coupled with the concept of interactivity, interactive quizzes were also created, testing the basic accounting skills as the tasks are mastered. This builds a solid foundation in which the learner can flourish and cope in the classroom environment with subsequent tasks given to them. This programme is not meant to replace the teaching in the classroom, but to support the facilitator in a challenging environment where classes are sometimes too big and no focused attention can be paid to all the learners. Annelize has through trial and error and many years of teaching and discovering how students learn, developed a model for the challenging technological world where the educator has to be equipped in meeting the needs of the young learner who has grown up with technology. This e-book is a simplified version of the Interactive Study Guides.

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