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A Guide to Programming and Concepts


Prowess Publishing
December 5, 2019

Book Details

This e-book is an introduction to Programming Languages and Concepts intended for readers with little or no experience. We start with the most basic concepts and are careful to define all terms when they are first used.My goal in this book is to provide a practitioner's guide for students, programmers, engineers, and scientists who wanted to understand the Programming, Types of Programming, history and usage of Programs. I also tried to make sure that students should also understand how Programming syntax is different for multiple languages.Apart from Programming concepts we also covered Implementation methods and tools required to start programming. For the career prospects we have also covered Top 5 programming languages which have a great scope in future. The material present here has been collected from different blogs, language manuals, forums and many other sources.

Author Description

Currently, the author is a Serial Entrepreneur (Co-founded 2 startups). Serving as VP of Engineering at XOXODAY where he is building a product for a happy workforce using innovative tech (Blockchain and AI/ML). Prior to XOXODAY, he is Director of Engineering for Mobile at Yatra.com.The author started his entrepreneurial journey from the second year of his college when he started his company called O2SoftSolutions. Under this company, he built the first online role-playing replica of Mafia Wars which he then sold to a US Company for only 50,000. This was in 2008 and that was the only push he needed to establish himself as an entrepreneur. This experience opened an arena of new knowledge for him in the field of entrepreneurship and from there he started learning more and more about startups and how they are built and sustained.The author also has many awards to his name. While working for Webinose, he was awarded the Thought Leadership Award at DevOps Summit Conference (2015). He has also been awarded the Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year by his College, and among many other such awards, he was also awarded the Best Corporate Marketing Head (Bharatiyam 07) and Best Marketing Head (Bharatiyam09).He is an experienced business builder & people leader, he has a strong track record of leading teams to drive multi-million $$ sales increases and sustainable, progressive growth in the competitive mobile market. A sought-after Public Speaker, Vivek has been the featured keynote at many tech conferences and summits (IAMAI, India Digital Summit, Solve For India, Mobile Growth, MongoDB, Ruby, DevOps, MetaRefresh and Dynamic Cio).He is multi-talented polyglot engineer leader deep expertise in Mobile, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Video (Video Codecs & OpenCV) & Web Technologies (Ruby, Go, Sinatra, Javascript, Python) a true technologist at heart. Architecting and designing complex mobile applications from more than 10 years. A mad Geek and an Explorer. When he's not scaling the applications or servers of the Internet world, Author 'unwinds' on extreme thrill-seeking adventures from trekking to boxing.

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