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A Brief History of the Periodic Table

by Harish Chandra Rai


Category : Science Fiction

ISBN No :9788194398837

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The story of Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev and his brain child "Periodic Table of Chemical Elements", with all its impact and influences, would fit better within the walls of a library than between the covers of a single book of nearly 100 pages.The present book "A Brief History of the Periodic Table" would attract experts and curious laymen alike due to its lively style of narration. The book contains eight chapters.

Author Information

Harish Chandra Rai

Prof. H.C. Rai was born at Akbarpur Chalis on 1st July, 1950 to Shri Natho Rai and (Smt.) Siyabati Devi. He matriculated in 1965 from Public High School Surajgarha with National Merit Scholarship. A scholarship holder throughout his student carrier, he showed promise quite early. He passed Pre-university (Science) examination in 1966 from T.N.B. College Bhagalpur. He did his B.Sc. in 1971 and M.Sc. in 1973 from IIT Kharagpur.He started research under my guidance at IIT Kharagpur and submitted his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Studies on Transition Metal Complexes" in January 1978. Professor H.J. Emeleus, F.R.S. from Cambridge University was the foreign examiner of the thesis who recommended the thesis very highly for the award of Ph.D. degree. Open Ph.D. viva-voce was conducted by Prof H.L. Nigam from Allahabad University in January 1979.

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