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אהבה בניחוח במבוק - Love fragrance Bamboo

by vered kaminsky


Category : Juvenile Fiction

ISBN No :9789659267927

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Love fragrance Bamboo - Hebrew addition By Vered Kaminsky Synopsis: 'Love fragrance Bamboo' is a story set in China, where Mira from Israel, arrives with her family when her husband is sent there on a two-year work assignment. For her, this is meant to be a two-year respite from work and studies, a time to which she has been looking forward eagerly yet fearfully. In China Mira meets An-Bin, a Korean woman who came there with her husband and children; and Chu. As the plot becomes increasingly complex Mira finds herself at odds with her own self, with those around her and with her love for a stranger. This is a story about life on the other side of the world, about women who make sacrifices for the sake of their partner's careers, about people living in another side of the world, about crises, longing and happiness. But most of all it is a story of impossible love, a tale that weaves its way among markets, rituals, cultures, superstitions and historic sites before reaching its inevitable conclusion. 'Love fragrance Bamboo', takes the reader on a journey into a dream - one that became a reality for Mira, her husband and children. Vered Kaminsky a Journalist, self-publisher and teacher of Communications, and Cinematography has published five children's books which one of the translated to English and Chinese. 'Love fragrance Bamboo', her first published book for adults, was written during her year in China - the last year of the twentieth century. It is a fascinating portrayal of the many human, cultural and social faces of China. אהבה בניחוח במבוק הוא סיפור מסע רחב יריעה, המתרחש על אדמת סין הרחוקה. מירה, 35, מצטרפת לבעלה לשליחות בת שנתיים. על האדמה הזרה הזאת צריכה מירה למצוא את מקומה, להסתגל למנהגים ולתרבות ולגדל את שני ילדיהם. אלו היו אמורות להיות עבור מירה שנתיים מופלאות שכה ציפתה להן. אולם בסין היא פוגשת את אן־בין הקוריאנית ואת צ'ו הסיני, והעלילה מסתבכת ומתפתלת. זהו בעיקר סיפור על אהבה, ועל חיים בקצה השני של הגלובוס. סיפור על נשים המקריבות מעצמן למען הקריירה

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vered kaminsky

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