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How The Book Of Atomic Habits Changes Its Readers' Life: Analyzing The Mentality Of English-Speaking Readers Before And After Reading Atomic Habits


August 10, 2023

Book Details

Proudly, the first book that delves into the methods of ATOMIC HABITS, a renowned masterpiece, and employs a Cognitive Linguistics approach to analyze the beliefs of English speakers. By reading this book, you will not only gain a deeper understanding of how you perceive SUCCESS-related concepts based on your language before engaging with ATOMIC HABITS but also witness the transformative impact of the book's methods on your conceptualizations.
You must change your conceptualization from the concept of SUCCESS to achieve success. Therefore, you first need to establish connections to access your mental beliefs related to SUCCESS, such as HABIT, DAILY PLANNING, and GOAL. Additionally, you need practical methods to effectively change your conceptualizations in practice. This book is an analytical resource that fulfills both of these needs. We are proud to announce that this book is the first book based on the masterpiece ATOMIC HABITS which analyzes the beliefs of English speakers through a Cognitive Linguistics approach. By reading this exciting and scholarly book, you become familiar with all the suggested practical methods of ATOMIC HABITS. After reading this brief book, you can control your habits to experience happier feelings. You will also gain insight into how you conceptualize SUCCESS-related concepts because of your language before reading ATOMIC HABITS, and how your conceptualizations change because of the book's methods. Numerous works are so valuable that they require analysis from different approaches. Therefore, this book has been written as a tribute to James Clear, the esteemed author of ATOMIC HABITS.

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