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Gaming And Video Games


January 20, 2023

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Why do People Like Gaming? Well, many millions of professionals and worried parents have been asking themselves this very question for at least fifty years.When video gaming started in the Seventies, most people saw it as a bit of fun, but as the craze took hold, even in that decade, intellectuals and educationists began calling it 'a stupid distraction', and the gamers 'dumb'. This continued until fairly recently, and millions of disparaging words were written about video games and gamers. However, the tide is now turning, and 'experts' are pontificating on the positive aspects of gaming on gamers…even on very young ones. All the while this debate swirled around them, gamers just got on with what they liked doing the most - playing video games.Much has been written about why gaming took the youth of the Seventies by storm, and why now, people of all ages love to play. Some like the rôle-playing, others like the virtual risk-taking, and others like to hone skills that they would not ordinarily use.Some even dream of joining the thin ranks of the millionaire élite gamers.Whatever your reason, may you long derive pleasure from your hobby, and may The Force be with you!The information in this ebook on various types of games, video, computer, arcade and related subjects, is organised into 16 chapters of about 500-600 words each.As an added bonus, I am granting you permission to use the content on your own website or in your own blogs and newsletter, although it is better if you rewrite them in your own words first.

Author Description

Owen Jones, Amazon Best-Selling Author from Barry, Wales, has lived in several countries and travelled in many more. While studying Russian in the USSR in the `70`s, he hobnobbed with spies on a regular basis; in Suriname, he got caught up in the 1982 coup; and while a company director, he joined the crew of four as the galley slave to sail, from Barry to Gibraltar, a home-made concrete yacht, which was almost rammed by a Russian oil tanker and an American aircraft carrier.
"I am a Celt, and we are romantic", he said when asked about his writing style, "and I firmly believe in reincarnation, Karma and Fate, so, sayings like `Do unto another...`, and `What goes round comes around` are central to my life and reflected in my work. I write about what I see, or think I see, or dream... and, in the end it is all the same really". He speaks seven languages and is learning Thai, since he lives in Thailand with his Thai wife of seventeen years.
His first novel, Daddy`s Hobby is from the seven-part series `Behind The Smile: The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya`, but his largest collection is `The Megan Series`, twenty-three novelettes on the psychic development of a teenage girl, the subtitle of which, `A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger and One Scary Mother!` sums them up nicely. He has written fifty novels and novelettes, including: Dead Centre; Andropov`s Cuckoo; Fate Twister; The Disallowed (a philosophical comedy); Tiger Lily of Bangkok; and A Night in Annwn (Annwn being the ancient Welsh word for Heaven). Many have been translated into foreign languages and narrated into audio books.
Owen Jones writes stories set in Wales, Spain and Thailand, where he now lives. He is a life-long Spiritualist, and this belief is interwoven, in a very realistic way, into many of his books and storylines. If you like a touch of the `supernatural`, try his books
He sums his life up thus: "Born in the Land of Song, Living in the Land of Smiles".

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