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198 Healing: Bible Verses to Memorize


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July 12, 2018

Book Details

How to have advanced spiritual access to 198 select healing verses to improve all aspects of your life in matters of love, restoring relationships, increase finance, becoming debt free, rejuvenated health, healing, weight loss, sending away evil forces, and learning how to change your tonal vibration though out your body, mind and holy spirit. After over 50 years of research through all 66 Books of the Bible, Volume (1) One, "Bible Verses To Memorize", was designed to simply assist the bible student to the advanced seeker become more discipline in repeating these special holy verses day by day. Then as the process and study continues these special verses, seed the tonal language that will nourish your mind and subconscious, further evolving a change, … "as we think, so we become". Over Forty (40) generations of Writers / Authors originating from many walks of life, encompassing, peasants, philosophers, fishermen, statesmen, and scholars. The Writers/Authors strategically located in a verity of places from the wilderness, dungeons and palaces in the times of war and peace on three (3) continents, Asia, Africa, and Europe then translated in three (3) languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek thus making up the greatest library of profound information human civilization has to attest.

Author Description

Joseph J. Randazzo has been a Holy Bible student for over fifty years, starting when his grandfather, Jasper Lonigro, would read Bible stories to him as a little boy. Still very passionate and inspired to seek out and discover the unlimited, profound information layered within the greatest stories every told, found in the collection of sixty-six books that make up the Holy Bible directed by God and then delivered through the Holy Spirt to about forty selected chosen men of God, which transcended over forty generations, and bridging a fifteen hundred year plus period for the benefit of the terrestrial occupants of this planet to share with you.

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